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Need a Personalised Weight Loss Program?

Get your personalised weight loss program - expertly designed by Australian Dietitians

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Flexibility - choose your plan level
Personalised - you tell us, we develop specific to you
Beyond Weight Loss - Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching 

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short questionnaire

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Download LEAN Nutrition Tech App

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Weight loss plan sent to you within 24h

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Start your weight loss journey

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Book your

first coaching call

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Kickstarter Weight loss Program

(4 weeks)

For those that need something comprehensive and fully customised program to align with your goals. 

We consider your likes, dislikes, intolerances, general cuisine preferences and whether you prefer using your expertise in the kitchen or prefer convenience and simplicity.

  • 1 customised meal plan tailored to your personal preferences and needs

  • 2 Nutrition lifestyle coaching calls (15-20 mins) to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals

  • 3 weight loss methods to choose from - lower calories, lower carb, intermittent fasting

  • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options

  • Food intolerances and dislikes considered

  • Convenience or moderate level recipes

  • Choice between all natural snacks or a mix of packaged snacks

  • Recipe sheets

  • Shopping list

  • Instruction guide for the chosen nutrition method to help you understand the why and how to follow your plan

  • ​Dietitian instruction video​

  • Dietitian chat support

  • Motivational notifications throughout program

If you are pregnant, or have type 1 diabetes or kidney disease please book in a dietitian consultation instead of a weight loss program.

Connect with your Dietitian

The Digital Dietitians by LEAN App connects you with your dietitian wherever you are. 

Easy access to nutrition support at your fingertips!

You tell us, we develop specific to your needs and lifestyle!

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