Why PTs Need to Provide Nutrition To Survive

Let us start by picturing a new fitness client before they enter the doors of the gym or joining your group fitness class or contacting you to set up a one-on-one PT session…

Not all but most are interested in weight loss, with recent stats that 67% of Aussies are overweight or obese and pre-COVID approximately 4 billion a year was spent by people on various ways to lose weight.

So back to the journey… The client has come to a steady realisation that they have put on weight but honestly didn't notice it happening until finally some clothes were no longer fitting well, they noticed feeling lethargic, they went for a jog for the first time in a long while and struggled, they have noticed their mood has diminished a lot, maybe have found that their health had been affected such as elevating cholesterol, or, they might just want to lose weight simply so they feel they look better. In short - they are not happy and believe that if they can improve their weight and fitness, many of these things that are affecting their quality of life can improve.

There are many avenues that the person could go down to help with this - winging it, meal delivery, shakes, take up a sport or maybe start an online program. But they decide to choose a gym or to use a fitness professional. They believe that this is where firstly; they will get the result they are looking for, they believe the atmosphere will help with their motivation, they believe the frequent accountability will be a major help, they like being social and this is where they can feel a part of a community.

They check online to see what is convenient to them, they check pricing, they check the fitness professional and the gym facility, they check what services are offered and then the timetables.

After all of that - they choose you or your gym

Back to one of my earlier point that is the primary reason - they want to get the result they are looking for….They want weight loss.

There are so many possibilities for the client to choose from in regards to exercise with their membership - resistance training, cardio, circuits, HIIT, plyometrics, the list goes on.

All of these work extremely well for increasing caloric expenditure, building lean mass and maintaining lean mass.

Here though is an interesting piece of information: caloric expenditure from exercise only accounts for a small amount over the whole day. Most of it is due to the basal metabolic rate which is the calories needed for the body to function such as breathing, body temperature and brain/nerve function to name a few.

Exercise of course enhances the weight loss process and is excellent for muscle preservation & growth, strengthening the body and overall health and wellbeing. However nutrition is absolutely essential for weight loss and the most impactful for getting this result!

Do you currently have nutrition as a service at your gym or for your fitness clients?

How comprehensive is it?

Clients particularly at the beginning of their journey like to have well defined means of getting their results… how many times per week to workout, what type of exercise, what type of program.

Well, the same applies with nutrition; clients love some structure and meal planning is the way to go.

The downside is that meal planning is very time consuming to do. In addition, being a PT you would be taking on extra risk to your business as it is outside of scope to offer anything beyond dietary guideline (which are not designed for weight loss, just healthy eating) and the quality of the meal plans will not match the clients expectations.

Few things are for certain

  1. Nutrition is an essential to get the best weight loss results for fitness clients

  2. Clients are have a huge selection of services they can choose from and will expect nutrition to be part of the service

  3. Meal planning just like exercise program planning is the way to go

  4. It is not so easy for PTs to provide a comprehensive nutrition service - time consuming, added risk and quality concerns

Visit LEAN - an Australian meal planning platform designed for PTs to quickly generate meal plans for many nutrition methods all within scope. These meals plans have been expertly designed and backed by qualified dietitians.