PT's Have Limited Scope of Practice When It Comes to Nutrition - So What Are Their Options?

Personal Trainers in Australia are able to provide basic healthy eating information and advice that aligns with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, and as we know, these guidelines are not designed specifically for weight loss, which is the #1 thing your clients are looking for.

What is the solution?

Use Health & Physical by LEAN, a dietitian made and dietitian managed Australian software that removes the risk from you, the personal trainer and your business, by procuring technical meal plans from our platform. Give your clients the best chance of getting the results they want. LEAN provides you with full online training and support, then our sophisticated platform uses a guided, interactive risk assessment to automatically select appropriate nutrition methods for your client. There are several nutrition methods to choose from and the meal plans that are generated in the platform for your client to choose from have been certified as suitable and safe by our dietitians. Your clients now have the freedom to choose from these methods and get better results, and you have added revenue to your business.

What does a subscription to LEAN include:

  • Online training modules including a live webinar - nutrition, user training, using LEAN in your business and nutrition coaching

  • Subscription options for 3, 6 or 12 months

  • Dietitian support from one of our team direct to your business

  • Support on how to maximise revenue using LEAN

  • Ongoing technical and nutrition support

  • Nutrition assistance if you need any further clarifications, our dietitians are here to help

What does this mean for your business?

By using LEAN, you can:

  • Increase your knowledge through our online 5 module nutrition and user training course

  • Get great results with your clients by procuring expert meal plans backed by Australian dietitians

  • Improve business growth & revenue - LEAN is designed to be an additional revenue stream for your business - contact us so we can show you how!

  • Save time - our system is highly automated, meal plans are generated within 2-3 minutes to give you more time with your clients