LEAN Breaks New Ground & Partners with The Fitness Industry’s Largest Fitness Educator

LEAN Breaks New Ground & Partners with The Fitness Industry’s Largest Fitness Educator

Exciting times for the national roll out of LEAN’s premier product; the Health & Physical platform and LEAN Coaching.

Australia’s most advanced nutrition software for fitness professionals has announced a new partnership with the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) in preparation for the industry’s return to glory.

AIF has been a leader at delivering personal training careers since its inception in 1979 and has a mixture of on campus and online learning in the areas of fitness and massage. AIF boasts the largest number of employed graduates in the industry and their highly experienced team are considered some of the most knowledgeable and forward thinking professionals in fitness.

This exciting announcement ushers in a beginning for AIF to deliver the LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching Online course which is the prerequisite for getting started on its revolutionary meal planning and coaching platform.

LEAN recognises that personal trainers have been limited in their abilities to provide expert, more technical based nutrition support to their clients due to it not falling into their scope of practice. LEAN, which is an Australian software, developed by Australian dietitians listened to their gym partners and worked to provide a solution that is specific to them and the needs of their clients.

LEAN is a dietitian created and managed service in the form of a dynamic, highly automated, custom built online platform. Personal trainers can use it to generate specialised, technical meal plans for their personal training clients and, if required, LEAN’s dietitians can also provide consultation through video conference or phone when a client needs further, more specialised support. Not only that, personal trainers will also receive training in LEAN Coaching so that they can assist their clients in the areas of behavioural change, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching.

Welcoming the new partnership, AIF’s Head of Operations, Kim Horner, said “LEAN has opened up a world of possibility for personal trainers who are looking to deliver a more comprehensive service and create a new revenue stream by diversifying their offerings. This partnership between AIF and LEAN provides them with the opportunity to support their clients through their stages of change by delivering expert services in both training and nutrition. We look forward to elevating our students’ nutrition capabilities and helping them gain a further advantage in the fitness industry.”

LEAN’s Founder & Managing Director, Mike O’Sullivan, added “We are looking forward to working closely with AIF through our partnership - it’s great that such a reputable training organisation is delivering our course. Fitness, personal training and gyms are vital, front-line services toward better mental, physical and preventative health in our society. It's been a tough 18 months, but as things begin to open up I predict a tsunami of returning as well as new training clients, and having the winning combination of exercise, meal planning, nutrition and lifestyle coaching will make a huge difference."

The rollout of LEAN is one of the most significant steps towards finally connecting allied health expertise with fitness expertise in an innovative, collaborative and scalable nutrition software solution. Our absolute focus is on supporting the PTs and the gyms specific to their needs.

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