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Basics of Applied Nutrition  

LEAN Coaching


Nutrition Tech & Coaching Courses

LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching has 2 short courses that covers all the information you need to start nutrition & lifestyle coaching. 


Both short courses have assessments and have been designed and developed by Australians Dietitians. You have a choice between completing just LEAN Coaching Course to upskill towards nutrition coaching but if you want a more comprehensive understanding of nutritional science then add-on The Basics of Applied Nutrition.


To access these courses, you must login to the Health & Physical by LEAN platform and go to the 'Subscriptions' section to see details on how to sign-up and enrol.


The Basics of Applied Nutrition

  • The basics of applied nutrition 

  • Macro-nutrition

  • Metabolism overview

  • Supplementation

  • Catabolic & anabolic hormones

  • Body re-composition and physiology

  • Eating disorders – signs & behaviours

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LEAN Coaching 

  • LEAN Coaching – how does it work

  • Stages of behavioural change

  • Motivational interviewing

  • Self-motivation strategies

  • SMART goal setting

  • Summarising session

  • LEAN Coaching in practice

  • Practical: Role play activity

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