Health Through Innovation

LEAN provides professionals in healthcare and fitness with the technology they need to help their clients achieve better results through digital nutrition solutions.

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Health through innovation

LEAN provides professionals in healthcare & fitness with the tools to help their clients achieve better results through innovative, seamless and streamlined digital solutions. The one-stop nutrition, wellness and healthcare solution that you have been looking for. 

Health Through Innovation

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Health & Physical
Meal Planner Platform

Health & Physical by LEAN is an online platform that businesses can use to connect their clients to meal plans and supporting material for weight management. The content has been developed and backed by accredited dietitians. Spend just 2-3 minutes with a client on our highly-automated platform to generate a personalised meal plan. Add more revenue to your business, help your clients get the best results, and stay within scope as a personal trainer.

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LEAN Dietitians
Service App

The LEAN Dietitians Service App is our solution for healthcare clinics and gyms that want to provide their very own direct dietitian service to their clients. Refer clients who want, or are in need of, more personalised nutrition advice to our experienced dietitians. All necessary services are arranged and accessed through our app: fully personalised meal plans; coaching and support with a weight loss program; clinical consultations through video or voice call; and ongoing live chat support. 



Making Nutrition Expertise More Accessible 

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